OTTO OTTOLOCK Cinch 30in Combo Lock Flash Green, 30in Review


1 year later

The Positives

  • Easy to carry on the bike due to light wait and flat design
  • Easy to lock
  • Light Weight
  • Cost

The Negatives

  • Not as secure as many heavier or U-Locks
  • Durability
  • Length
Frayed end of OttoLock
Frayed end of OttoLock

The OttoLock has been a god send when stopping for a quick coffee or leaving the bike outside a shopping grocery store for a quick strip in. It is light weight, fits great on your bike under the saddle, and looks great too.

After a year of use however, I could not longer use it as the tip that goes into the lock frayed and would not pass through, even after I trimmed it, it would not pass through the lock. I had to toss it. This needs to be fixed. 1 year of infrequent use should not cause this kind of failure. Time for a redesign.

That being said, I was looking for a convenient light weight lock to replace it that would go under the saddle, I think I will still buy an OttoLock. I just hope the next one lasts longer….

Another Story: the OttoLock and Gatorskin Tires

OttoLock Burnt
OttoLock Burnt

As you can see from the lock, it took a hit when riding on Long Boat Key Florida. After using the lock on a sort stop at a CVS, I decided to try to lock it to my rear rack instead of under my saddle…Bad Idea! Within the first mile, the lock must have slipped and rubbed on my gatorskin rear tire.

Continental Gatorskin Tire

Since there was a strong headwind, I thought my lack of speed, ~9 mph, was just my lack of power. Then my Heart Rate started to climb into the 130’s at 9 MPH, I still thought it might be me. I rode about 10 miles that way, and finally had to stop and check to see if my brakes were dragging on the rim. That is when I found the issue with the lock. The wheel would not even go 1/4 turn. The OttoLock suffered the little bit of damage you can see it the photo above. The Gatorskin shows absolutely no damage or ill effects. Gatorskin Wins!!!!

Continental Gatorskin are extremely durable, puncture resistant and long lasting, but not the most comfortable to ride. In a 32 mm model they currently carry a bit more forgiving and for a bit of gravel, just right!

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