Final Ride in Florida…

One of many great days on the Green Machine

Although not the last ride, the final ride of this trip! I am headed back to the great white north. I have to sell my house before I can make a final move.

Siesta Key Loop…

Many a ride on Siesta Key!

This ride was on a Sunday, and I found myself stopping at the outdoor market downtown Siesta Key. There were about 20 vendors, one of which was a green tea extract vendor that provided a sample. I prefer the real deal, Bigalow Green Tea.

Another great ride…

Mindful Medicinal CBD Tent

Free Samples

I ate one of the gummies before riding back and tucked the rest in my rear rack trunk for later. To be honest, did not feel any different on the way home. In fact my left calf camped a bit more than usual…

Not a believer in CBD yet.

I think those that find relief, more power to you, but due to my Psoriatic Arthritis, I find little relief. There is no magic bullet, but Matte Active Isolated Stretching seems to work for me the best! Oh ya, and the Florida sunshine and warmth.

I’ll be back!

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