New Year – New Goals

As 2019 leaves most of us begin to think about what we want to achieve in 2020. Well, here goes:

2019 Goal not-met

2019 Miles
2019 Miles Goal for Cycling

I was just short of my goal for 2019, only needing 180 miles, but that is only part of the story. My health cost me a lot more than miles…Let’s home 2020 is a happy healthy one!

2020 Cycling Miles Goal

2020 Miles Goal
2020 Cycling Miles Goal

I decided to make my goal realistic in the beginning, and set it at what I was able to ride last year. Not feeling like overstepping right away. Just maintain what is possible! But being in Florida may allow this number to double, as indoor riding is merely a thing of the past!

January’s Miles Goals

January Miles Goal
January Cycling Miles Goal

I also decided to make this month more realistic as well, as I will be headed back to the great white north, and indoor riding, meaning lower miles. 300 miles is 10/day which is what can be done comfortably indoors.

Other Goals

Maintaining Health through…

  • Eating healthy by through eating Vegan
  • Loosing Weight through eating Vegan and cycling
  • Keeping my blood sugar down through eating Vegan
  • Lowering my blood pressure through cycling
  • Keeping my cholesterol down through eating Vegan

Basically, I have to Eat Vegan and Cycle – Doable!

Learning Goals

Learn to code in both C# and none Microsoft coding languages to create awesome web apps and mobile device apps.

  • TAMUK Web Development Boot Camp – Texas A&M
  • Learning C# with Tim Corey at
  • Learning Blazor through various videos and Microsoft documentation

Work Goals

To find a web development job/internship to ease the transition into retirement from teaching.

  • Online job search site
  • Create a personal online web portfolio
  • put more web apps on GitHub
  • Continue to develop LinkedIn profile
  • Work on a better Resume’

Just Do It!

An old adage but a true one! I have to just keep at it…

  • Keep Eating Vegan
  • Keep Cycling
  • Keep Learning
  • Keep Developing
  • Keep Searching

Happy 2020 Everyone!

April Goal Met and Yearly Goal ….

OK just checking in at the end of April with both my yearly and monthly goal well in hand:

April was a hard fought battle with some good days in the saddle and some not so good day losing both my Mother and a good friend.  My mom’s loss was not a surprise, but instead it was a relief for her to be without pain.  However the loss of Dave Hoyle, was a complete shock and a great loss to Connecticut cycling and cyclist of all ages, but specially our youth.  Dave was the director of the Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program, bring competitive cycling of all kinds to the kids in CT.  He was one of the best MEN I have ever know; Genuine concern, true joy for cycling, and a heart of gold.  RIP Dave #RideLikeDave is our new rallying cry, and no one road better!

I am on track to meet my yearly goal at 3500, and met my April goal of 350 with a short afternoon ride outdoors in an otherwise raining spring here in CT.  Outdoor rides here in CT have been few and far between, so Indoor rides have had to continue.  April saw many more Zwift rides than prior month as I was trying to get to level 10 and earn some new scenery on Watopia.  Just about made it last night, but will definitely see the new stuff by the end of Thursday mornings ride.

My goal for May is going back down to 300 as I will not being going to Florida and it looks like another week of rain coming up.  Our rivers and streams are filled and flooding on a massive scale are just around the corner.  Therefore, 300 is a lofty goal, one I will have to push to reach.  Wish me luck!

Yearly Goal Achieved…Again!

Goal 99 percent

Awoke this morning not really wanting to ride after riding last night a Cycling Concepts indoor training session, but saw that I only had 6.56 miles remaining to achieve my yearly goal.  So I road the 7 mile and bam, another one bites the dust…

Yearly Goal Achieved Again

4000 miles is about 1500 more than I have done in my 50’s.  For me it was a good year for Cycling, now onto next year.  Can I get 5000 in?  Maybe!


August Mile Goal…

August 18 Goal

Wow that was close.  By doubling down on the final day I finally met my goal for August.  The morning indoor ride began the day in order to make it possible to meet the goal in the time frame I had left for the afternoon ride…28.3 miles.

As you can see I road the Green Machine north from Simsbury CT to Southwich Mass a whopping 33.14 miles on a wonderful afternoon ride.  Thank good the heat broke and allowed for such a pleasant ride.


Yearly goal as of 9-1-18

As you can see from the graphic above, I only have 358.74 Miles to meet my yearly goal of 3500 (Originally it was 2500 miles, then 3000 miles, now 3500).  I want to actually meet it before I raise it this time. So for September I made my goal at 360 miles to meet the yearly goal by October first.  Since I am back at school, it might be more difficult, but doable.

Sept 18 goal start Going to start off September with a ride in RI this morning…Nice!

One more goal in the books…Just keep’em turnin’!

3000 in the books…

2018 Yearly Goal 8-23-18

Back to work, but not after reaching my original yearly goal of 3000 miles last night during the Cycling Concept C-Group Ride.  Was a tough ride for me as my lungs were burning.  I have raised my yearly goal to 3500 miles, and should meet that by the middle of October or so, I will then raise it again, lord willing.

This month I have to get back to eating properly and re-dedicate myself to my weight goals.  I kind of took August off after reaching my mid-term goal.  Need to get back on the scale and start a new, starting today! Veganism here it come!

Only 1.7 mile to 3000

That’s right folks, only 1.7 miles to go to reach 3000 miles for the year, well and away my best year to date, except maybe when I was in my 20-30’s.  Still over 4  month left to the year, I am grateful for my health and the ability to ride once more.  Should have been more, but August has been a down month, weather wise and all.  I also had to take time off to recover from my D2R2 venture.  All and ALL I am very happy with the result.  Glad to be back on the bike and keepin’ the wheels turnin’!

July Totals over the top…

June Goal Totals 18

July totals are over the top for me in 18.  530 miles in one month is almost as many miles as I did in 2015 and 16.  My legs do feel the impact, as they are quite tired.  Took the day of on 7-31-18 due to fatigue.  I was going to mow the lawn, but my tractor gave way…

August totals are as lofty, but I may decide to dial it back to 400.  100 miles a week is quite a bit of riding for me, so that might be more in line with my long term health goals.  400 also puts me over 3000 for the year, which was my original goal for this year…4 month early.

Made homemade vegetable soup today with white rice as it sounded good for a rainy day.  Also had to use up the chicken stock I bought for doing my colonoscopy prep.  Real basic recipe, carrots onions and celery with fresh herbs and garlic…Yummy.

Now time for nap before CC group ride.



July Goal Met…

July 18 goal Met

That was a tough one…July Goal in the books 2 days early.  Again surpassing my miles in one month total.  Never been, since re-emergence, over 500 miles for one month before.  Ya buddy!  Wasn’t sure I was going to make it with loosing days to rain and colonoscopy.  Good things these things happened together.  Did the 500 without going really long on any one ride though.  Hopefully August will be full of longer rides, but need a rest day here abouts.

Goals as of 7-30-18

Miles as of 7-30-18

At the beginning of the year I set a yearly goal of 2500 miles, not being sure of exactly what might take place.  Just went past that mile stone as well, so I guess I will have to update and extent that goal a bit.  Moving my yearly goal up to 3500 miles, wish me luck. I am also going to make my August goal 500 miles, which is quite lofty.

Making plans to achieve!