Garmin Edge 830

Garmin Edge 830 Upgrade

Garmin Edge 830
Garmin Edge 830

MY new toy! The garmin Edge 830 Cycling Computer

The Edge 830 replaces my Edge 820, which I have replace with the help of Garmin Customer Server 4-5 time, I cannot remember exactly. After the last time it went out on a USB power surge and I had it replace, I said I would replace it with the 830 the next time it went out. So I did.

There is a long story that goes with the 4-5 Replacement unit for the Edge 820. I have had Garmin since the Edge 305, and have many other Garmin devices in my quiver. The Edge 820 has always been troublesome for me. From the git, (a programmer joke there), I have had nothing but trouble with this unit. I loved my 810 and 800 for that matter. They were big enough for me to see the displayed fields, and yet small enough to fit in your pocket at rest stops. They also had good navigation as compared to the 500 or 305 for that matter. I never had to replace any other unit, but the 820.

I told myself I would buy the 830 if it had something other than Micro USB changing, like USB 3 or even a proprietary version like their watches. Garmin compromised and made it so you could buy a Charge Power Battery Pack for the unit, and the work together without the usb port to charge the unit. An OK alternative, but not one I would run out and get. So I made the plan to replace the 820 with the 830 next time I had trouble with it…And it happened last week in Florida…

Garmin Support Rocks!

The other day while at Cycling Concepts in Glastonbury CT, I met the Garmin representative and gave him a razing about the 820 model. He knew about the issue, and told me to contact Garmin Support. I have always had good luck with Garmin Support, as they have replaced other units (all 820) without fanfare. The next morning I emailed them and received an email back the same day – Cudos Garmin Support!. They did offer me a 20% mark down for the unit, but they required that I buy the unit through them and send the 820 back to them.

Buy Local

I wanted to buy it at Cycling Concepts, support your local LBS. Keith at CC gave me a great deal, and with keeping the 820, which now still works, I can sell it and make up more than the difference in price. Supporting local business and buying from your LBS is a great way to get awesome service on your bikes.

Garmin Edge 830 Review

I am not going to try to recreate the wheel here, and just give you DCRainmakers Garmin Edge 830 In Depth Review Link. I bow to his expertise.

Hoping for the Best!

The unit took very little time to set-up and is ready to use. I am going to ride indoors and use it to track my ride. After I use it for a month or so, I will come back and finish with my thoughts. I am also going to review the Garmin Charge Power Battery Pack at that time.