Green Machine Bike Picture

Longboat Key and back


Picture Green Machine, Gunnar Crosshairs in Florida

Started the ride at Village Bike in Sarasota, Florida, nice people, great service and reasonably priced bikes for sale and rent. I had shipped the Green Machine, Gunner Crosshairs, down to Village Bike from Cycling Concepts in Glastonbury, CT, my home shop…Simply the Best!!! Thanks Men!

Village Bikes
Sarasota, Florida

My destination was Longboat Key as far as CVS for the bike shop. Not being nearly as strong as I was this time last year, it was a much slower ride overall. I have not ridden outside nearly as much this year as last, and my disease has taken its toll on me this fall. I made it all the way to CVS with little to no issues.

Homeward Bound…

After going into CVS for some flossers, I wrapped my bike lock around the bike rack in the rear, MISTAKE! I thought I put it on tight enough so it would not rub on the rear tire…Wrong! There was a headwind on the Homeward bound leg, so I thought it was just me struggling with my fitness, and the headwind. NO! The lock slipped down and was rubbing the rear tire to the point when I got off the bike to spin the tire, it did not budge….WHAT….Not Good. My heart rate was jammin’, and I was exhausted. I only had about 3 miles left before getting to Robin’s House when I took the lock off the rack and put it in my back pocket. Needless to say, smooth riding from their…

Stava Post
Here is the Relive Video

The end of the ride finished with a public run to get groceries to make my Felafel for tomorrows lunch! Nice!