Garmin Battery Mounted

Garmin Charge Power Battery Pack Explained


I have been using Garmin Cycling Computers since the Edge 305 days. I have iterated through all of the 800 series Edge units since there inception. I loved my Edge 800 and Edge 810 Units. So when I upgraded, (A birthday present to myself), to the Edge 820 I felt excited, due to the fact that it had both bluetooth and wireless sync options. It also had colored maps.

Disappointed in the Edge 820

As it turns out, the Edge 820 was reduced in size to make way for next Garmin Leader the 1030. Now it was the same size as the Edge 520+, with much less screen size for fewer, smaller fields…Bummer. It turns out that this was the least of my problems with the Edge 820!

The Big Problem

The Edge 820’s charging port was moved to the back of the device, it was also not a snug fit for the micro USB plug. I had to send the unit back to Garmin 5 times for repair or replacement. Each time it went out was when I needed it to charge for an event, or trip I was on. Hence the need to upgrade to the Edge 830 which has a battery pack to help both extend the battery life of the Edge 830 and to charge it should I have a similar situation with this unit.

Enter the Edge 830

Upon retirement from teaching, I decided to upgrade as a retirement present to myself, purchasing the Edge 830 from Cycling Concepts in Glastonbury, CT. Keith, the owner always gives me such a great deals, and I just think you should support your local businesses when possible, especially you local LBS. Garmin Service offered me a 20% discount if I sent the Edge 820 back to them, but I decided to buy local and then sell the 820 on Facebook and Ebay. The Edge 820 sold on Ebay for $185, which was way more than the 20%. For once I was a smart consumer.

Garmin Charge Power Battery Pack

Cycling Concepts did not have the Charge in stock, so I went with Amazon here. I also bought a Green Silicone Cover for the Edge 830 on Amazon Smile (Amazon’s give a percentage of the purchase to a charity of your choice). I choose to support a cycling initiative that promotes youth cycling in CT called CCAP or Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program.

The battery pack is the same size as the Edge 830, but a bit heavier. It comes with an insert that you have to use with the Garmin Out-Front Mount. I the following video, I touch on all of this, but mainly focus on the Mounting of the Units together and changing the mount insert.

Some Specs on the Garmin Charge Power Battery Pack:

  • Lithium Ion Battery.
  • 3100 mAh bei 5 V (15.5 Wh)
  • Battery operation time up to 24h powering Edge 1030.
  • Charging temperature range 0°C to 45°C.
  • Operating and storage temperature range -20°C to 60°C.
  • Input 5 bis 5.5 V, 2 A.
  • Output electrical contacts 5.07 V, to 1 A.

Battery Pack Manual

Video on MOunting the Garmin Charge

Mounting Insert for the Garmin Charge

I will add a review of both the Edge 830 and the Charge Power Battery Pack in about a month from now after using it for a while. But I can tell you the Edge 830 seems like a rugged unit with a more sensitive touch screen. DCRainmaker also says that the processor is faster on the 830, lets hope so, because calculating a map on the 820 took 5 minutes…Here is his review: